Aaron Carter’s Burial Headstone, Final Resting Place Revealed

Singer Aaron Carter’s final resting place and burial headstone have finally been revealed.

Carter’s twin sister, Angel, shared the emotional post on social media, including a picture of Aaron’s headstone.  The final resting place includes a bronze portrait of the singer, and a message saying, “Beloved Brother, Son, Friend, and father of Prince Carter.”

Angel posted the image along with the caption, “Aaron’s portrait was placed this morning at Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills. He adored his fans, and I know how much this would mean to him now having a final resting place where we could all celebrate his life. I invite you to visit, share your memories, and never forget who Aaron was deep down.”

See Aaron Carter’s Headstone Including A Bronze Portrait


As you can imagine, fans are flooding Instagram with messages for the singer and his family.

“I’m so happy he finally got his name on it. My heart feels so happy now. I went to visit him last week and I said a prayer to him. I left crying because it’s hard to say bye to an amazing person. I’ll be visiting again to leave some flowers. We love you, Aaron,” one person wrote.

Aaron was laid to rest inside Forrest Lawn in the Hollywood Hills. He joins several A-list celebrities at the location, including Michael Jackson.

We broke the story, Aaron tragically died after consuming multiple drugs including huffing computer cleaner. The singer was found in a bathtub, with several bottles of compressed air near his body.

Officially, Aaron Carter died from “drowning,” according to the Los Angeles County Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner. However, it was noted he was under the “effects of difluoroethane and alprazolam” and they were listed as a contributor to his death. The manner of death was ruled an “accident.”

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Aaron Carter Struggled With Drug Addiction, Mental Health Issues

Instagram | Melanie Martin

Aaron Carter, a former child pop sensation, has faced a well-documented battle with drug addiction issues over the years. He is the younger brother of Backstreet Boys member Nick Carter. Aaron rose to fame in the late 1990s with hit songs like “I Want Candy” and “Aaron’s Party (Come Get It).”

Carter’s struggle with drugs became increasingly apparent in the public eye, and he candidly spoke about his addiction issues in interviews and on social media platforms. In 2017, he admitted to using a combination of drugs, including Xanax and OxyContin, and in 2020, he revealed he had been diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, which further complicated his mental health and substance abuse issues.

Carter’s journey through addiction has not been without controversy. He has experienced multiple run-ins with the law, including arrests related to drug possession and DUI charges.

As we reported, Aaron welcomed a baby with his ex-girlfriend, Melanie Martin. The singer’s estate will be set in a trust for his son, Prince Carter.


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