Alicia Keys Denies Antisemitic Intent with ‘Paragliding’ Reference

Alicia Keys got dogpiled over a social media post that many took to be antisemitic and sympathetic toward Hamas’ attack on Israel … but she’s saying that’s not correct at all.

The singer came under a microscope Monday after a since-deleted IG post became the subject of a lot head turns … and it all had to do with her caption. She threw up a photo of herself in a green jacket, adding … “What would u do if you weren’t afraid of anything???”

She added underneath, “Tell me your truth … I’ve had my eyes on paragliding 👀👀”

That alone was enough to spur folks to accuse her of showing support for the terrorism in Israel … which claimed countless innocent lives. The reason, of course, has to do with the fact that paragliders were used by terrorists that day as an infiltration method.

Like we said … the backlash was swift and fierce, and tons of people were straight up accusing Alicia of cosigning what happened to all those slain Israelis — but she set the record straight after seeing all the comments … and after eventually taking down her post.

In an IG story later Monday, she clarified … “The post I shared earlier was COMPLETELY unrelated in any way to the recent devastating loss of innocent lives. My heart has been breaking … I pray for and stand for peace.”

As many people have rightly pointed out … AK seems to have just been talking about wanting to paraglide, which makes sense considering where she lives down near San Diego. She and her husband, Swizz Beatz, are actually right near a well-known paragliding spot.

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Others have also mentioned a controversial decision of hers in 2013 to perform in Israel — despite some publicly asking her not to. Point is, she clearly meant no harm here.

Still, at such a precarious time … sensitivities are more heightened than ever.

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