Ayo Edebiri Apologizes to JLo on ‘SNL’ for Insults About Her Singing

Ayo Edebiri did a mea culpa on “SNL” Saturday night … circuitously apologizing to JLo for throwing shade on her singing skills a few years back.

“The Bear” star took up hosting duties, but the standout moment was the “Jeopardy” skit, which was called — “Why’d You Say It?” The contestants were confronted with mean/snarky/cruel social media posts and host Kenan Thompson demanded an explanation.

Ayo was shown a pic of a woman enjoying the rain, and, according to the skit, she had commented, “Die.” ¬†Funny enough, but Ayo said this — “It’s wrong to leave mean comments or post mean comments just for clout, or run your mouth on a podcast and you don’t consider the impact because you are 24, and stupid, but I think, I speak for everyone when I say that from now on, we’re gonna be a lot more thoughtful about what we post online.”

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Scam Goddess

Ayo didn’t reference Jennifer Lopez, but it’s obvious what she did here. As TMZ reported, Ayo was on the “Scam Goddess” podcast back in 2020 and called JLo’s music career “one long scam,” saying she could carry a note and might not sing all her tracks. There have been long-running theories on this, and Ayo played into it.

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The skit is pretty funny … have a look.

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