Best Hisense TVs of 2023

While researching and testing each Hisense TV featured on this list, I and other ZDNET experts kept these criteria in mind:

Price: No two budgets are created equal. And just because you’re working with a limited budget, that shouldn’t mean you need to sacrifice features or accessibility. Conversely, just because you are able to spend more shouldn’t mean you need to settle for a TV that’s bloated with features you’ll never use. Each TV on this list has been vetted to ensure that it offers the best value for the price based on comparable competitor models.

Screen sizes: Every living room, home theater, apartment, and dorm is different. And if you’re looking to upgrade or buy your first smart TV, it’s important to make sure that it will actually fit in your space without feeling too imposing or too small. Each Hisense TV featured is available in multiple screen sizes to accommodate different spaces.

Picture and audio quality: Hisense TVs have come a long way since they first hit the market way back in 1978. Modern Hisense models offer support for multiple HDR and audio processing codecs like Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, and DTS Digital for enhanced picture and sound quality. 

Connectivity: A new TV isn’t worth much if you can’t watch anything on it. New Hisense TV models offer Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity as-standard so you can start streaming shows, movies, and music right out of the box. They also offer plenty of HDMI and USB inputs for setting up home audio equipment, playback devices, and game consoles.

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