Best smart Thermostat deal: Get a refurbished Amazon smart thermostat for just $29.99

SAVE $50: As of Oct. 18, get a refurbished Amazon smart thermostat for just $29.99 at Woot. That’s a 62% discount and $50 off the $79.99 price tag for a new model.

It’s getting cooler outside every day, and the chill of winter won’t be too far behind. Why not up your smart home game and control your home’s heating and cooling by voice with a smart thermostat? You can set temperatures from your phone, make schedules, turn your air conditioning on and off, and more — all without having to get up and actually touch your physical thermostat. It’s pretty sweet, and you can get one right now for a great price.

As of Oct. 18, you can get a refurbished Amazon smart thermostat for just $29.99 at Woot. That’s a savings of $50, or 62%, on the device’s new price at Amazon. Though this isn’t a brand new thermostat, it’s been tested and verified by Amazon that it’s in good working order, though it may have some cosmetic damage. Further, this thermostat does not include the C-wire that some homes may need to complete setup. It’s designed to work without the wire for most homeowners, but if you need one, you may be better off purchasing a unit that does come with it.


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Keep in mind that you will need an Alexa-enabled device for the Amazon smart thermostat to work properly. Once you have it connected to an Echo Show or Dot or whichever device you choose, you can tell Alexa to set up your home’s climate for you. Have Alexa turn your thermostat remotely or manually use the connected app to do it yourself.

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When it gets cold and the floors are too freezing to walk on, you’ll probably appreciate being able to control all these things without getting up from the cocoon of your warm be.

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