Bruce Springsteen’s Mother Adele Dead at 98

Bruce Springsteen’s mother Adele has died … this according to Springsteen himself.

The 74-year-old singer-songwriter announced the news Thursday in a heartfelt Instagram post … saying his mother passed away Wednesday and sharing some lyrics from his song “The Wish.”

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The lyrics talk about Mother’s Day and the memory of listening to his mother get ready for work in the morning … perfectly complimenting a short video of the pair dancing to big band music on the porch of a large estate.

The pair twist and dance around before Mama Springsteen plants a sweet kiss on her son’s cheek in the clip, bopping to Glenn Miller’s “In The Mood.”

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Dancing was the main reason so many Springsteen fans knew Adele … fans spotted her dancing at her son’s shows constantly — a fun pastime she engaged in since the early ’90s according to reports.

While Bruce didn’t reveal his mother’s cause of death, The Boss did talk a lot about Adele’s battle with Alzheimer’s during 2018’s “Springsteen on Broadway” … saying she was diagnosed around 2011 but dancing still meant a ton to her, calling it “more powerful than memory.”

Adele was 98.


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