Celebrity Astrologer Predicts Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce Will Get Engaged

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are getting engaged — at least that’s what one celebrity astrologer thinks … and he’s got TK on his bent knee right down to the month!

We spoke with celebrity astrologer Kyle Thomas — who’s been featured on tons of outlets over the years, weighing in on different A-listers’ fates based on horoscopes, etc. — and we asked him the obvious … are these two gonna go down the road of engagement, and later marriage???

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Check out what this star-reader has to say about their chances of going the distance — he says he can feel Traylor going all the way, but it likely won’t be as soon as people think.

There’ve been rumblings lately about Taylor and Travis getting engaged ASAP … but KT here says the most realistic scenario is Travis popping the question in 2025 — based on a number of other-worldly factors that we’ll let him explain.

With that said … he does say that all the seeds for a long-lasting relationship are being planted right now — and he wouldn’t even be surprised if a proposal came sooner.

On the question of when they might, potentially, get hitched … he’s got an answer for that too. According to Kyle — Tay-Tay seems to have a few more accomplishments on her bucket list that she might be wanna cross off first. At least that’s what the heavens are telling him!

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And get this … Kyle even pulls tarot cards for Taylor and Travis’ future — and based on the vibes he’s picking up on … they appear to be set for a long and fruitful partnership.

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The planets are lining up for TS and TK as far as astrology is concerned — just take Kyle’s word for it as the pro — and even our own eyes tell us … this could be it for both of them.

Love is in the air … and it’s also in the stars!

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