Chris Brown’s Quavo Feud Alive and Well After Paris Fashion Show Run-in

Chris Brown and Quavo have been at odds for years over their mutual connection to Karrueche Tran … which is why Chris is so pissed about an awkward moment at Paris Fashion Week.

Here’s the deal … CB and Quavo were plopped right next to one another Sunday at the Rhude Menswear Fall/Winter ’24 showcase — and yes, they were definitely uncomfortable with the situation, evidenced by their body language.

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The clip of them sitting there and squirming went viral, but then Chris chimed in as everyone cracked jokes about it — he commented, “Can’t pick who u sit by. F*** all that growth s***.”

He added, “N**** not finna fumble my bag for little n*****.” In other words, he wasn’t gonna make a big stink, or start a fight, over getting placed — seemingly by coincidence — next to Quavo.

As he notes, there are bigger issues to worry about — y’know, like getting paid!

In case you’re unfamiliar, Quavo dated Karrueche in 2017 — not long after CB broke things off with her, following a tumultuous relationship — and Chris certainly didn’t like it back then.

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JUNE 2017

In fact, we’d been told at the time that he was fuming over this … and felt like the Migos rapper had outright betrayed him. They’ve traded jabs back and forth since then — almost coming to blows after the 2017 BET Awards.

Anyway, Chris is making a couple things clear — yes, he still doesn’t like Quavo, but also … he’s a grown-up who’s able to control his emotions.

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Quavo’s been quiet about their Paris run-in.

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