Diane Kruger Discusses Playing 3 Roles in David Cronenberg’s New Movie

Diane Kruger revealed some new details about David Cronenberg’s next movie, The Shrouds.

Speaking with Deadline Hollywood at the Red Sea Film Festival, Kruger discussed playing three different roles in Cronenberg’s The Shrouds.

“It’s probably David’s most personal film because it deals with the loss of his wife, who passed away from cancer,” Kruger said. “With David’s very particular twist on how he narrates, you know, story and pain — it’s a movie that deals with loss and grief and being in a couple for so long, being in a relationship for so long, and what true love is. I play the wife, his sister, and an avatar he created in her memory.”

Kruger has made similar comments about The Shrouds being Cronenberg’s “most personal” movie before. She told Variety in October 2023, “We just finished filming it. I think it might be his most personal film, because it talks about him and the passing of his wife.”

What is The Shrouds about? 

“Karsh, an innovative businessman and grieving widower, builds a device to connect with the dead inside a burial shroud,” the synopsis reads. “Installed at his own controversial state-of-the-art cemetery, the device enables him and his clients to watch their departed loved ones decompose in real time. Karsh’s revolutionary business is on the verge of breaking into the international mainstream when several graves within his cemetery, including that of his wife, are vandalized and nearly destroyed. While he struggles to uncover a clear motive for the attack, the mystery of who wrought this havoc, and why, drives him to re-evaluate his business, marriage, and fidelity to his late wife’s memory, and pushes him to new beginnings…”

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Along with Kruger, The Shrouds stars Vincent Cassel, Guy Pearce, Sandrine Holt, Elizabeth Saunders, and Jennifer Dale.

Written and directed by Cronenberg, The Shrouds does not yet have an official release date.

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