‘Dune’ fans over the moon after Zendaya latest comment

‘Dune’ fans over the moon after Zendaya latest comment

Zendaya is a key part of Denis Villeneuve’s Dune, and her recent nod to work in the franchise again if she gets the offer is making fans go gaga.

In a chat with Fandango, the Emmy winner is open to getting into Chani’s boots again. 

“Would we be down? I mean of course. Anytime Denis calls it’s a yes from me, at least.”

She continued, “I’m excited to see what happens. I started Messiah and I was like, ‘Woah, I’m only shooting the first movie. Let me just go back to the first one.’ 

“It’s so much to take in, and I think there’s no better hands with better care and love for it than him [Villeneuve].”

Commenting on the franchise’s future, the Euphoria actress said she’s “just excited to see … It’s just anticipation.”

Heaping praise on the filmmaker, Zendaya said, “Whenever he is ready. I know he’s a perfectionist in many ways and doesn’t want to share things unless he’s fully ready to do that. So [I’m] respecting that and waiting until he’s ready.”

In the meantime, Dune: Part Two will hit theaters on March 1. 

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