Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s Daughter Is Allegedly Receiving Death Threats

NXT Superstar Ava, who is the daughter of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, has been receiving death threats due to the WWE’s new storyline.

Ava — born Simone Garcia Johnson — has been taking the brunt of the backlash surrounding her father’s recent surprise appearance, which many fans claim derailed the story with Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns.

Ava Tells WWE Fans To ‘Leave Her Out Of It’


The Rock’s daughter — NXT Superstar Ava — is claiming that her inbox has been flooded with death threats and hateful messages after her father showed up at the WWE unannounced — something that she says she has nothing to do with.

“Can ya’ll just leave me out of this ffs I’m busy running a SHOW,” Ava said on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, adding, “death threats over a situation I have nothing to do with … bffr.”

After the NXT’s General Manager spoke out, many came to her defense, including Ryan Avedisian, who said:

Wow, Ava does not deserve being treated like this. Ava is a gm of nxt and is not head of creative in nxt. It really shows how toxic the IWC really is. The fans that go too far with these death threats need to, grow a pair, be in jail and/or seek psychiatric help. These toxic fans need to calm down, wrestling is a scripted show. Ava deserves better than this. Let Ava do her job in peace.

Another fan took to X to say, “The fact that some of y’all on both sides of this Cody/Rock fiasco are harassing people who have nothing to do with it, like NXT GM Ava, is really disgusting.”

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“Say it louder for the halfwits in the back,” one social media user responded.

As one social media user claimed, “my god when will y’all stop this madness? leave people ALONE, ava is on nxt she’s got NOTHING to do with this, cody would hate this c’mon do better.”

Dwayne Johnson Addresses Backlash


Dwayne Johnson himself has taken to social media following the backlash, stating, “There’s a word for this explosive, insane reaction – undeniable. No matter the era, the decade, or the city, the energy and connection between the People’s Champ and the People can never be broken and is truly an electrifying experience that creates chills every single time.”

Fans, of course, let their opinions known as one user replied to ‘The Rock’, stating, “I was there live in the building, and it’ll be a moment I’ll never forget. And I love ya Rock. But PLEASE, don’t take this moment away from Cody. We want to see you fight Roman, but Cody deserves to beat Roman for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. Help him be THE GUY.”

Another said, “Rock you’re a legend but this is Cody’s time and Cody’s match.”

Johnson went on to thank those involved for the moment, stating, “Thank you Birmingham, Alabama, we made magical history in the “magic city”. Thank you WWE and thank you Cody for the love and the house (dream & soulman). Roman, there’s only one head of the table. I’ll see you in Vegas…Uso.”

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