Fuel tanker hit by missile in Gulf of Aden after transiting Red Sea

A fuel tanker operated on behalf of Trafigura was struck by a missile on Friday after transiting the Red Sea, a company spokesperson told CNBC in statement.

The Marlin Luanda, a petroleum products tanker vessel, was struck by the missile in the Gulf of Aden. Firefighting equipment on board is being used to suppress a fire in one of the cargo tanks, the spokesperson said.

“We remain in contact with the vessel and are monitoring the situation carefully,” Trafigura said. “Military ships in the region are underway to provide assistance.”

Houthi militants in Yemen have attacked commercial vessels transiting the Red Sea since November in support of Palestinians. The U.S. and UK began a series of airstrikes against the militia on Jan. 11 aimed at deterring the Iranian-backed group.

This is a developing story. Please check back for updates.

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