Harry & Meghan ‘Still Hurt’ Over Their Kids’ Delayed Prince & Princess Titles

A new extract from writer Omid Scobie‘s book has revealed that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are still “hurt” that it took quite some time before their kids, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet, were given their royal titles.

Titled “Endgame,” the book is said to contain several bombshells about the royal family, as seen by the excerpts that have swirled online prior to its debut.

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Felt That Their Kids Were Treated Differently


Ahead of the debut of Scobie’s book about the royals, several excerpts have swirled online, with the latest one claiming that the Sussexes are “still hurt” and that there was a delay in conferring royal titles upon their children.

Per the Daily Mail, the royal author claimed in his book that Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet should have gotten their royal designations immediately after King Charles’ ascension. However, this process was delayed by six months, despite King Charles allegedly assuring Harry that the changes would be implemented early in 2023.

Besides feeling hurt about the delay, Scobie said that the Sussexes started to think their kids were treated differently compared to their cousins, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, born to Harry’s brother, Prince William, and his wife, Kate. The royal author also claimed that Harry and Meghan found it hard to feel comfortable with this difference.

Omid Scobie Alleged Prince Williams Tried To Undermine The Sussexes


Another excerpt from “Endgame” had earlier claimed that the Prince of Wales “prioritized his loyalty to the monarchy” over his brother. It was also alleged that the senior royal was one of those who actively tried to undermine Harry and Meghan by releasing information about them to the media.

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Since the rumors swirled online, several sources close to William have refuted Scobie’s claims, saying that they contradict the persona of the heir apparent to the British monarchy.


“[Prince Williams] has always been very tight-lipped when it comes to his family and made clear to anyone within his orbit that he would not do ‘deals’ with the media,” they said.

An alternate source stated that Scobie “totally fabricated” his claims, adding that it was unethical of him.

The insider added, “It’s one thing writing a critique of the Royal Family. That’s freedom of expression. But it’s another thing to peddle conspiracy theories dressed up as fact.”

What Does Omid Scobie’s Book Mean For Prince Harry And King Charles’ Relationship?


It remains to be seen how more bombshells from Scobie’s book might affect the dynamics of Harry and King Charles’ relationship. Already, an excerpt from the book claimed that the monarch called Harry “that fool” in the wake of the release of his Netflix documentary.”

However, recent reports revealed that the feud between the Invictus Game founder and his father, which had thickened at the time, might be thawing.

It comes after the Sussexes reached out to the monarch on his 75th birthday. The duo reportedly had a warm conversation with King Charles and even played a prerecorded video of their kids wishing the monarch a happy birthday.

It was also recently reported that Harry and Meghan are open to spending the festive season with King Charles at Sandringham, although they have yet to receive any invitation.

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Omid Scobie On Prince Harry & King Charles’ Relationship


In the meantime, Scobie has backed up the recent reports about Harry’s relationship with Prince Charles being “on the mend.”

In an interview with ABC, he said that the duo maintains “a steady open line of communication between the two, where they are able to talk with each other.” He added that, in his own opinion, Harry now understands that “his father probably isn’t the most emotional or open person.”

Scobie debunked claims that he was the secret mouthpiece of the Sussexes in a different interview with the Sunday Times. He also stated that the “twisting of facts and misquoting” with regard to his book has “reached new levels of desperation” and that he plans to set the record straight during interviews to publicize his book.

Regarding the sources of information included in his book, Scobie stated that he didn’t directly interview Meghan for his new book. Instead, he mentioned that the “mutual friends” he shared with the Duchess were his source.

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