IG Model Gracie Bon Says Airplanes Need Bigger Seats, Her Butt Doesn’t Fit

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An Instagram model famous for her big booty wants to make them bigger … but Gracie Bon’s not talking about her cheeks, she’s talking about airplane seats.

Gracie’s petitioning the airlines to expand their seating situations … she says she’s having trouble getting settled for takeoff, even when she’s flying first class.

The busty poser lays out her air travel problems in an informative video — a PSA, if you will — demonstrating how her butt is way too big for a traditional plane seat.

Seems like legroom’s not the big sticking point here … Gracie either wants the seats to be wider, or deeper. She’s still able to buckle, courtesy of a seatbelt extender.

Gracie says it’s on the airlines to accommodate “big girls like me,” and proudly adds … “It’s not my fault to have an ass this big.”

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The whole thing is pretty ridiculous to lots of folks watching Gracie’s video plea — several comments claim it actually is her fault she has such a big booty, accusing her of surgically doctoring her look.

Fact is … Gracie’s the outlier here. If everyone had a booty as big as hers, airplane seats would be wider — but most people don’t, which explains why she has 4.5 million followers.

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