Is Book Club 3 Happening? Everything We Know About The Next Chapter Sequel


Book Club: The Next Chapter sets up the possibility of a sequel, hinting at unresolved storylines and potential character developments for Book Club 3. The original film and its sequel were hits, making a third installment likely, with the main cast, including Jane Fonda and Diane Keaton, expected to reprise their roles. While the details of the third movie remain uncertain, the location and plot will likely continue to be influenced by the strong presence of the ensemble cast, which has been a key factor in the success of the franchise.



After the release of the 2023 sequel Book Club: The Next Chapter, the hilarious comedy series has become a franchise, but will there be a Book Club 3? The original film was released in 2018 and tells the story of a group of older women who try to spice up their love lives after reading Fifty Shades of Grey. Though Book Club was destined to be popular because of its cast of all-stars like Jane Fonda, Mary Steenburgen, Diane Keaton, Candice Bergen, and Craig T. Nelson, the movie exceeded all expectations and was a certified smash hit.

The modestly budgeted Paramount release went on to shock the world in 2018 when it grossed a whopping $104 million (via Box Office Mojo), and little time was wasted in announcing a sequel. The earliest news of Book Club: The Next Chapter came in 2019, but various delays involving the COVID-19 pandemic continuously put it on hold. When the Book Club cast did eventually reunite, they delivered on much of the light-hearted fun that had come from the original. While not the box office juggernaut that its predecessor was, the ending of Book Club: The Next Chapter subtly set up another potential sequel.

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Book Club 3 Latest News

Almost no news regarding Book Club 3 has materialized. Despite that, the cast of the first two films have been quite vocal about their love of the movies, and they have even offered speculation regarding another installment in the series. When speaking with USA Today, Candice Bergen not only talked about the phenomenal time she had making the movie but was definitely on board for a third. Going on to speculate as to where the film could take place, Bergen suggested the famous Burning Man music festival or “Hong Kong just because”.

Book Club 3 Is Not Confirmed

Despite the fact that the original and its first sequel have been hits, Book Club 3 is not confirmed. That isn’t that unusual for the franchise though, as the span of time between the release of the first film and the announcement of the sequel was well over a year. If the announcement for Book Club 3 does eventually come, it most likely won’t take as long because the cast and crew were already assembled for one sequel, and it won’t be as difficult to reunite them for another.

Book Club 3 Cast

The cast of Book Club: The Next Chapter proved that the real power of the original film came from its stars, and the reunion of the big four (Keaton, Fonda, Steenburgen, and Bergen) was absolutely necessary. Book Club 3 would be nothing if its main cast didn’t reprise their roles, and it would most likely see Keaton back as Diane, along with Fonda as Vivian, Bergen as Sharon, and Steenburgen as Carol.

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Book Club 3 Story Details

Unlike the events of Book Club which mostly wrapped things up, Book Club: The Next Chapter left many of the characters in different places than they were when the film began. Book Club 3 could follow up on the newlyweds, Mitchell and Diane, and could even show the progression of Arthur and Vivian’s relationship after they decided to not get married. Similarly, Carol and Bruce’s decision to remain friends could pay off in Book Club 3.

Location is a vital part of the Book Club films, and where Book Club: The Next Chapter was filmed was almost as important as anything that happened in the story. The ante was upped when the gang went to Italy in the sequel, and Book Club 3 could either continue that trend. Ultimately, regardless of where the movie takes place or even what happens in the plot, the cast of the series is the real reason the films have been so successful.

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