Is It Suitable For Kids?


Orion and the Dark is another one of DreamWorks Animation’s best-animated movies, featuring engaging characters and animation. The movie tackles themes of fear and anxiety, making it suitable for younger audiences, but also addresses adult-related issues like insomnia. With its lush animation and talented voice cast, including Jacob Tremblay and Paul Walter Hauser, Orion and the Dark is suitable for most children and families.



Orion and the Dark is DreamWorks Animation’s latest fantasy adventure movie that once again sees its protagonist overcoming a multitude of trials and tribulations backed by the studio responsible for other critical children-friendly movies like Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda, and How to Train Your Dragon. Although the latest entry in DreamWorks Animation’s filmography, Orion and the Dark sees an elementary-aged boy named Orion struggling to overcome his fear of the dark, among various other things, with characters and animation that already positions it to be another of DreamWorks’ best-animated movies.

Like many entries in DreamWorks Animation’s catalog before it, Orion and the Dark is geared toward younger audiences despite the incredible attention-to-detail and goth-like aesthetic of its central darkly deuteragonist, aptly named Dark. With the same fanciful storytelling and visual flair that has helped DreamWorks dominate the last decade of animation, Orion and the Dark also features a unique voice cast and score that helps keep the story engaging for all audiences. Irrespective of the Dark’s grim reaper-like appearance, Orion and the Dark tells an uplifting story that’s designed to help its target audience confront their fears.

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Orion And The Dark’s TV-Y7 Netflix Rating Explained

Orion and the Dark is a thought-provoking adventure movie about overcoming one’s greatest fears.

Orion and the Dark is rated TV-Y7, which means the latest DreamWorks Animation movie is appropriate for audiences aged 7-years-old and older. While DreamWorks Animation has distinguished itself from its competitors like Disney and Illumination by including edgier jokes and themes in their work, as seen in the Shrek and Kung Fu Panda franchises, Orion and the Dark handles its heavier material with a flourish that makes it palatable for its target audience. Additionally, despite its themes of overcoming one’s fears and dealing with anxiety, Orion and the Dark is still a good time, thanks to its behind-the-scenes talent.


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Despite Orion and the Dark’s TV-Y7 rating, the DreamWorks Animation movie still tackles themes that most children would find scary, such as the dark and overcoming their anxiety. However, the movie also addresses adult-related issues like insomnia and a lack of proper sleep, which is a clever way to ensure the target audience’s parents are close by for the movie’s scarier moments. Although DreamWorks Animation is known for its villains, Orion and the Dark features a relatable protagonist and fun deuteragonist that offers an insightful yet fun movie about children confronting and overcoming their fears.

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DreamWorks’ Orion And The Dark Is Suitable For Most Young Viewers

Orion and the Dark’s lush animation and concise runtime make it suitable for most children and families.

Written by Charlie Kaufman, Orion and the Dark takes a more intellectually sound approach to handling its themes. Whereas many other movies in the animation genre offer simple solutions to their respective movie’s problems, Orion and the Dark challenges its younger audience to embrace things that make them scared. The movie partially succeeds in its goal with the voice-over talents of Jacob Tremblay, Paul Walter Hauser, and Ike Barionholtz – actors known for their comedic range, which helps keep the scares low and the laughs high. As such, Orion and the Dark is suitable for most children and even families.

Orion and the Dark

Release Date February 2, 2024

Director Sean Charmatz

Cast Jacob Tremblay , Paul Walter Hauser , Werner Herzog , Angela Bassett , Colin Hanks , Ike Barinholtz , Natasia Demetriou

Runtime 92 Minutes

Studio(s) DreamWorks Animation , Mikros Animation

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