Jennifer Tilly’s Tiffany in Jail

Screenshot: Syfy

What, you thought Tiffany Valentine, queen of tawdry glam, would drab herself down like any other inmate? Relish her jailhouse style in this exclusive clip from Chucky’s third episode, which sees Lexy (Alyvia Alyn Lind) visiting Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly), hoping she’ll provide some desperately needed information.

SNEAK PEEK: “I’m Not Sorry, I’m Ecstatic” | Chucky (S3 E3) | SYFY & USA Network

Oh, and Tiffany delivers—but it’s not exactly the info Lexy was after: “That was Chucky… in drag!”

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Fans of Chucky already know this tongue-twister, but for any newbies out there: famous actress Jennifer Tilly plays “famous actress Jennifer Tilly” on the show, but “Jennifer” is actually possessed by Chucky’s ex, Tiffany Valentine. The idea of Jennifer Tilly playing a fictionalized version of herself and becoming entangled in the world of killer dolls goes back to 1998’s Bride of Chucky, and the Child’s Play series has had a lot of fun with the idea ever since—along with Tilly herself, who clearly delights in skewering her sexpot image. You have to love that episode three, in a season filled with episodes all named after horror movies, is titled “Jennifer’s Body.” Wink!

Chucky puts Jennifer/Tiffany in a new quandary—she’s charged with murder after the events of season two—in a storyline that runs parallel to Chucky’s sneaky scheme involving some very bad behavior at the White House. New episodes of Chucky arrive Wednesdays on SYFY and USA and stream the next day on Peacock; part two of season three will drop in 2024.

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