Jo Jung-Suk & Shin Sae-Kyung’s Closeness Gets Her Arrested

Captivating the King Episode 3 trailer features hard times waiting for Jo Jung-Suk & Shin Sae-Kyung’s characters. The series is a historical romance and political K-drama about a lonely prince and a noblewoman disguised as a male baduk player.

In episode 2, Prince Lee In has multiple encounters with Shin Sae-Kyung’s Hee-Soo, who appears as a male baduk player in front of him. He nicknames her Mongwoo, and they promise to play their next game on the first drizzle of rain.

The trailer for the upcoming episode features the two growing closer, which may cause trouble for Mongwoo.

Watch the Captivating The King episode 3 trailer here:

Captivating The King Episode 3 trailer: Political plot against Jo Jung-Suk gets Shin Sae-Kyung arrested

Captivating The King Episode 3 begins with Jo Jung-Suk’s Prince Lee In getting insecure about Mongwoo’s relationship with Kim Myung-Ha. In the previous episode ending, Myung-Ha discovers that Mongwoo is Hee-Soo, whom he wants to marry, but she keeps denying his proposal.

The trailer for the upcoming episode features him being furious at her, leaving her identity in jeopardy. It further shows the Queen’s father manipulating the King against Prince Lee In. A man says, “Grand Prince Lee In and the baduk gambler shall both accompany you to the underworld.” While Lee-In’s mother requests someone to save him, Shin Sae-Kyung’s Hee-Soo/Mongwoo gets arrested. 

The Captivating The King Episode 3 trailer ends with Mongwoo hoping for the prince to come and save the prisoners. On the other hand, the King is advised not to be captivated by his younger brother, Lee In. The latter tries to come to terms with the Queen’s father and stop the torment against the innocent prisoners.

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The new Netflix K-drama premiered on Sunday, January 21, 2024, with two episodes. It will air on Saturdays and Sundays starting this week on tvN and the streamer.

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