Jonathan Majors teases marriage to Meagan Good

Jonathan Majors teases marriage to Meagan Good 

Jonathan Majors has teased the news of his marriage to Meagan Good. It has been reported that the actor sparked the speculation that he and Meagan Good might be husband and wife by referring to her as “Missus [sic]”.

Jonathan made attendance at the Black and White Gala in D.C. on Saturday night which was being hosted by Congressional Black Caucus.

According to TMZ, Meagan addressed the audience at the occasion and stated, “I am happy to be here and see so many black faces come out for a positive cause.”

The moment that sparked the debate about their marriage was when she turned towards the American actor and asked, ‘Babe, you want to say anything?” Jonathan replied, “You all heard the missus [sic], so that’s what it is.”

As per the publication, the crowd cheered with praise, but there was also a sense of confusion about what the actor implied by referring to Meagan as Mrs., possibly Mrs. Majors.

This has stirred a debate about their marriage, as they are a fairly new couple. Though the couple started dating just a few months ago, they have been together through thick and thin during this period as they jet-setted all over the world. 

Meagan has also been right by Jonathan’s side during the latter’s criminal case in New York City. 

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