Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s Parenting Analyzed by Psych Experts

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Kanye West’s outbursts have led some people to question his fitness as a parent … even wondering if Kim Kardashian should put guardrails on her ex-husband’s interactions with their 4 kids, while others say it would be outrageous to curtail Ye’s interactions with his children.

As you know … Ye’s spouted off numerous antisemitic comments — saying he identifies with Adolf Hitler, fears Jewish “indoctrination” of his children, and is opposed to the kids going to a “Jewish school.”

Now, in a new TMZ Investigates on FOX Monday night at 9/8 central … experts in psychology, Kanye’s friends, and others share their thoughts on how the couple is raising their kids.

One such expert is Dr. Kevin Cokley — a Professor of Psychology at the University of Michigan — who thinks Kim needs to sit their kids down and try to get them to understand they can love their father without approving of everything he says.

Others, including The Game, say it’s absurd to worry about Kanye and his kids … Game says Kanye loves them more than he loves himself.

Though some may want Kim to stop Kanye from seeing their two sons and two daughters — especially as he struggles with bipolar disorder … psychiatrist Dr. Kyle Smith says a person can’t shield their kids from everything.

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Smith says as long as Ye’s not endangering the children … Kanye is no different than other parents who have prejudices … and that’s a big group.

“TMZ Investigates: Kanye West: Unhinged But Unstoppable” airs Monday 9/8 Central.

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