Kanye West’s Wife Bianca Has Bold New Look at Italian ‘Vultures’ Event

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Bianca Censori is once again showing off her assets at Kanye West’s latest listening party for his new album … only this time, it’s not just her bod on display — it’s her new ‘do.

Ye’s wife switched up her look big time for Thursday’s “Vultures” event over in Italy … it’s the first time we’ve seen her rocking bangs since she’s been with Kanye — usually, her hair is slicked back, or just short and messy. Here, however, it’s very “Amelie”-like.

Bianca’s not getting away from her bread and butter despite the new ‘do … namely, she’s once again showing off her curves in yet another eye-popping outfit — which is kinda her M.O. these days.

Check out this video that’s circulating online — her breasts and butt are totally visible in the see-through getup she’s got on … and, per usual, she has no shame in her game.

FWIW, this ain’t the first time she’s worn something like this … we’ve seen her in a similar fit, albeit that one was white.

Anyway, with what she’s wearing … you might’ve not even noticed what she was actually doing here — look again, she’s recording her hubby as he belts out his new tunes to the Italian crowd, and it seems she’s even singing along with the Backstreet Boys-inspired track.

If you’re wondering what Ye and co. are even doing over in Europe (again) — they’re out there promoting his new “Vultures” album with a bunch of listening events/concerts, it seems. He tried doing a couple here … but said he was having trouble booking venues.

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The first listening party is going down right now in Milan, and there’s another one on tap for Saturday in Bologna … before Kanye leaves Italy and heads to France for a Sunday event in Paris. It would appear Western Europe has been more receptive to him than the States.

Nonetheless, the place looks pretty rocking tonight … and Bianca’s having a good time supporting her man — just as she has been for the past year or so they’ve been an item.

Say what you want about her … but she’s had Kanye’s back through thick and thin — and he certainly seems smitten with her too. They dress pretty funky … but hey, they’re in love.

And despite controversy, Ye continues to carry on … “Vultures” has actually performed pretty decently for him — so on its face, you could argue he feels like he’s “back.”

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Whether that’s actually true or not … well, depends on who you ask, we suppose.

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