Lance Bass Trolls NFL with ‘Not Taylor Swift’ Sign During Chargers Game

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Lance Bass is not the Swifties’ lord and savior — something he made abundantly clear at Monday night’s Chargers game … in hilarious fashion, no less.

The *NSYNC star was among a handful of stars at SoFi stadium during MNF — and as the broadcast was going and cutting to different people in the crowd … they eventually landed on LB, who was sitting in a private suite with his crew.

It looks like he was ready for the close-up … because he had a sign propped up when they eventually panned to him, and it read “NOT TAYLOR SWIFT.” He was smiling and waving — and everyone seemed to get a kick out of it … including fellow patrons.

It’s just the latest joke someone has cracked at the expense of the NFL … and Taylor, too, if we’re being honest. There’s been wall-to-wall coverage of her relationship with Travis Kelce — which has reached a fever pitch whenever she’s shown up to one of his games in person.

Mind you … she’s attended 3 football games so far, and they’ve all been super high-profile.

There was Taylor’s initial appearance in Kansas City, which was totally surreal — but her 2nd outing in New Jersey (with a bunch of famous pals in tow) might’ve been just as crazy.

She ended up skipping Travis’ third game — when he and the Chiefs went to Minnesota to play the Vikings — but she showed face yet again just last Thursday … when she popped up in K.C. for his game against Russell Wilson and the Broncos.

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For all of them, Taylor’s been seen cheering and rooting … and there’s been a lot of camera time focused on her — to the chagrin of a lot of football fans, as we’ve come to learn.

It seems Lance is in on the gag … and didn’t wanna get people’s hopes up in L.A.

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