Liu Zhou Story Trailer Teases Wang Churan and Zhang Wanyi Getting Intimate

The anticipated C-drama Liu Zhou Story has wrapped its filming. It is a costume drama that will feature popular actors Zhang Wanyi and Wang Churan in the main roles. The drama is an adaptation of the novel “Jiao Cang” by Kuang Shang Jia Kuang. Liu Gao Nan and Cong Xiao are the directors of the drama.

Liu Zhou Story will tell the story of Liu Mian Tang (Wang Churan), a just and righteous empress who always thinks about the welfare of the common people. She is a fierce soldier who fights for the people of Yang Shan and lays her life on the line. After enemy forces attack her and leave her to die, Cui Xing Zhou (Zhang Wanyi), the prince of Huai Yang, rescues her. After Mian Tang wakes up, she suffers from memory loss. She can’t remember anything about her past identity.

Liu Zhou Story trailer showcases Wang Churan and Zhang Wanyi’s heartbreak

Mian Tang mistakes Xing Zhou for her husband. They become each other’s shield, fighting hardships side by side and protecting each other from enemies and conspiracies. The newly released trailer shows them developing an unbreakable bond. But complications arise, and they drift apart. To protect Mian Tang, Xing Zhou decides to bid her farewell. The duo goes through heartbreak. What will happen when Mian Tang learns about Xing Zhou’s real identity?

Take a look at the trailer below:

Liu Zhou Story: cast, release date & more

The trailer also revealed the cast details of the upcoming drama. Apart from Wang Churan and Zhang Wanyi, Liu Zhou Story will also feature,

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Liu Lingzi as He Zhen
Chang Huasen as Ziyu (Liu Liu)
Zhang Chi as Zhao Quan
Yuan Yuxuan as Shi Xueji

Although the trailer does not mention a specific release date, Liu Zhou Story will meet viewers very soon in 2024. The original broadcasting network of the drama is Tencent Video.

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