Maluma scolds fan for throwing phone at him on stage during San Antonio show

Colombian heartthrob Maluma was hit with a phone thrown by a fan as he performed during his show in San Antonio, Texas on Thursday night.

The singer did not let it slide and called the fan out. He wiggled his fingers at the fan as he mouthed “It was you?” After which he nodded his head and mouthed “don’t do that” twice.

As per TMZ, which reported the incident, the fan was allowed to enjoy the rest of the show, but Maluma did not immediately return their phone, and it’s not known if it was returned to the fan afterwards.

Maluma became a global sensation in 2010, with hits like La Temperatura, Marinero, La Curiosidad, Hawai, HP, 11 PM and more.

His music is characterized by a genre-blending style known as reggaetón, which is a blend of Puerto Rican rap, hip-hop, and Jamaican dancehall.

The singer recently sat down with Sunday Morning, opening up on being branded as “just pretty” in the beginning of his career.

“They were like, Okay, this guy, he doesn’t have any talent. And that’s where all my athlete mentality came right away. Started going to the studio every day. Making music every, every day.”

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