Megan Thee Stallion’s ‘Fire Crotch’ Line Nixed from ‘Mean Girls’ on Digital

Megan Thee Stallion said the infamous “fire crotch” line in the new “Mean Girls” on the big screen — but you won’t find it in the digital release … and Lindsay Lohan’s probably happy.

The rebooted flick — which is now a musical — finally hit VOD this week … so it’s available to rent on all your major players, Amazon and the like. The only difference this time around … Meg’s quote that pissed off LiLo in theaters is completely gone.

The digital version of #MeanGirls has altered Megan The Stallion’s controversial “fire crotch” line after Lindsay Lohan was allegedly hurt by the joke.

The line now ends at “We are going back red” and jumps to her laughing, cutting out “Y2K fire crotch is back.”

— Kristen Maldonado (@kaymaldo) February 21, 2024

Indeed … eagle-eyed fans noticed it right away as they started to stream the flick from home — the part where MTS is supposed to say “Y2K fire crotch is back” has been edited out.

Instead, Meg here just ends her little piece of dialogue with “We are going back to red,” and it then cuts to her laughing … totally glossing over the line that was featured and seen in theaters, and which drew the ire of Lindsay and team — who publicly denounced it.

Remember, Lindsay’s rep came out and said LiLo was hurt by the fact the phrase had been included … and not just that, but apparently, nobody had told her it would be in there.

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The crazy part about that was … Lindsay herself is ALSO in the movie, making a cameo.

It was all very bizarre … and what made it even stranger was the fact that Tina Fey — who EP’d and wrote “Mean Girls,” and who’s presumably pals with Lindsay — didn’t come out and address any of this last month when Lindsay made a big fuss about it … just crickets.

However, now … we can clearly see she heard LiLo loud and clear — and made a change.

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MAY 2006

As you probably know by now … the “fire crotch” insult first started with oil heir Brandon Davis — who used to party with Paris Hilton back in the 2000s, and who used to run his mouth a lot to paps after nights on the town with his famous friend.

He was happy to trash Lindsay at the time, and even though it was years ago … it clearly still bothers her to this day — making it all the more surprising TF put it in the film at all.

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All’s well that ends well though … fire crotch is gone and post-production magic is in!

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