Meghan Markle to destroy Kate Middleton image in bombshell memoir?

Meghan Markle to destroy Kate Middleton image in bombshell memoir?

Meghan Markle will reportedly spill juicy tid-bits of her relationship with Kate Middleton in her alleged bombshell memoir, further straining their ties.

Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, has left Kate, the Princess of Wales, concerned as she fears their private details might get exposed, as per recent reports.

Noting how Meghan only voiced her struggles upon joining the British royal family as a biracial in her past interviews, a royal expert shared that the Duchess will now go in depth about her relationship with each member of the royal family, especially Kate, in her memoir.

Speaking with Fabulous, Phil Dampier said, “It would also be the ideal opportunity for Meghan to convey her perspective on what happened when she met Harry, fell in love, became part of the world’s most famous family, and then decided to leave.”

“She would give her side of what truly transpired between her and Kate in the lead-up to the wedding, when each allegedly made the other cry,” Dampier noted.

“Everyone will be captivated to hear Meghan’s take on her relationship with Kate, whether it was rife with hostility or a warm welcome from the start,” he said noting it would generate more sales than her husband Prince Harry’s memoir Spare.

Dampier further suggested that Meghan may delve into her perception of being treated as second-tier within the royal family.

“She probably thought she should have received equal billing and didn’t seem to appreciate from the start that she and Harry were the ‘B’ team, not on the same level as William and Kate,” he explained.

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“She will probably discuss the comparisons made in the press between them, potentially conveying a sense of bitterness.”

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