Meri’s New Boyfriend’s Biggest Red Flags (Should She Be Wary?)


Meri’s boyfriend Amos has been married and divorced multiple times, raising potential red flags for their relationship. Amos has also faced financial troubles in the past, including filing for bankruptcy. However, Meri is supportive and believes people shouldn’t be defined by tough decisions. Despite their respective pasts, Meri is cautiously optimistic about her new relationship with Amos and is choosing to get to know him for who he is now.



Sister Wives star Meri Brown is dating a new man, but her boyfriend Amos may have some red flags she probably shouldn’t ignore. Meri spent over 30 years of her life married to Kody Brown, the pair first meeting in 1989 and marrying in 1990. While Meri was hopeful that they’d be married for their entire lives, things changed for Kody after the first couple decades of their marriage. Meri’s relationship with Kody was colored by his other marriages to Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, and Robyn Brown. When Robyn joined the family, Meri made sacrifices in her own relationship to make her more comfortable at Kody’s request.

Robyn’s relationship with Kody changed everything for the Brown family, pushing Meri to look for comfort elsewhere. Falling into an online relationship, Meri thought she’d found solace in an online relationship, but found out she’d been catfished when her emotional affair was exposed to the public. Though Kody and Meri tried to work through their issues, Kody felt betrayed and ultimately disengaged from the relationship. After years of trying to re-establish their connection, Meri gave up and the pair chose to spiritually divorce during Sister Wives season 18. Though she took some time to recuperate, Meri’s back in the game.

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Meri’s New Boyfriend Amos Has Been Married & Divorced Multiple Times

While Meri’s new relationship is something she should be celebrating, her new boyfriend Amos comes with a past of his own. Meri’s past, despite being public, is something she’s definitely had to provide some explanation for to potential partners. Amos may not have lived a public life, but he’s had some scandals of his own in his life. With several ex-wives of his own, Amos shared on a recent Instagram live of Meri’s that he’s been married and divorced three times. Though Amos’ past is his own to share, the fact that he’s been married on three separate occasions could raise some red flags for Meri and Sister Wives viewers.

Amos Has Spoken Up About His Past Financial Trouble

Although Amos shared about his divorces on Meri’s Instagram, there are other situations about his past that he wasn’t planning on sharing with the public. The pair chatted about the financial troubles he’s had in the past, with Amos sharing that he’s filed for bankruptcy before. While Sister Wives viewers following Meri were upset in the chat from the live, Meri revealed that she’s had a bankruptcy of her own and doesn’t care about Amos’s past. She explained that things happen and no one should be defined by the decisions they make in tough situations.

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Meri Should Be Cautiously Optimistic About Her New Relationship

Meri’s relationship with Amos is still new, as the pair only met in October 2023, but things seem to be serious between the pair. While Meri and Amos both have things that have colored their past, Meri is choosing to take the high road and get to know Amos for who he is now. Though she should keep the past in mind, Meri knows herself best and should be the person who navigates her relationship moving forward. Hopefully, with Sister Wives season 19 coming soon, viewers will get to learn more about Amos and his relationship with Meri as it progresses forward.

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