Morgan Wallen Fans Pan Anniversary Album Released By Former Collaborators

Morgan Wallen said he didn’t want several unreleased tracks to come out … and fans are coming to his aid — trashing the unauthorized project online.

Here’s the deal … Wallen revealed earlier this week that several formal collaborators were releasing a 10th-anniversary edition of his EP “Stand Alone” — something he said he’d tried to stop but hadn’t been able to.

Well the album came out, and it’s doing pretty well on the charts … sitting 12th on iTunes’ top 100 albums list at the time of this writing — … falling just behind Megan Thee Stallion’s controversial track “Hiss.”

But, just ’cause something sells doesn’t mean fans are all for it — with many of them leaving one-star reviews on iTunes and ripping the company behind the release.

Here are just a couple of the comments we’ve seen … “Tasteless of a label or ex-partners to sell someone else’s voice without consent, and without care” — and another, “Not Morgan Wallen. Don’t buy or listen to.”

There are a ton of these comments, but the main gist is this … the label’s doing MW dirty by releasing tracks that he said aren’t up to his standard — and art should always belong to the artists.

But, as we previously reported … Wallen wasn’t just sitting back and letting his fans handle his business for him — he re-recorded “Spin You Around” and released it in response.

Unfortunately for Wallen, his gambit doesn’t seem to have paid off yet — his re-recorded “Spin You Around” doesn’t appear to be charting quite yet though his original release of the song seems to be making a comeback — no doubt fueled on by the controversy.

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At the very least, Morgan can take comfort in knowing his biggest fans have his back … even if others keep buying tracks he wants to bury.

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