New Video Shows Gunman Accosting Woman as She Enters Her Home

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A masked gunman was caught on security footage attempting a home invasion in Washington state, rushing up behind a quick-witted woman, who managed to shut the door and lock it just in time.

Check out the Ring camera video … it starts off with the woman’s male companion walking onto a porch and unlocking and opening the front door before disappearing inside the house in Kent.

Moments later, the woman steps up onto the porch and is about to enter her abode when she suddenly feels someone behind her and spins around.

The ski-masked suspect dashes up to her with a gun in one hand. But the woman is too fast for him, running inside and slamming the door, bolting it.

The would-be intruder desperately tries to force the door open, but his efforts are futile. He then turns and sees the camera recording him and smashes it with the butt of his gun, cutting off the clip.

We’ve reached out to Kent PD to see if they’ve caught the perpetrator … so far no word back.

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