NFL Sportscaster Kay Adams Trades Mic For Pickleball Paddle!

“Up and Adams” host Kay Adams lives and breathes NFL. And while she’s getting ready for an epic Super Bowl in Las Vegas, she’s also gearing up for her moment in the sports spotlight as a player, but not on a football field.

Adams, along with her partner, former NFL player Vernon Davis, will be fighting for the title of first ever Smirnoff SMASH Pickle Bowl champions ahead of Super Bowl Sunday.

Kay Adams Is Ready To Take The Title Of First Ever Smirnoff SMASH Pickle Bowl Champion!

Kay Adams

Just before the Big Game, Adams will be hitting the pickleball court in the first-ever Smirnoff SMASH Pickle Bowl. Adams has teamed up with Davis and the two will compete against Saweetie, Lance Bass, Brock Davies, Scheana Shay, and some special local guests. The event will be held at Resorts World the day before the Super Bowl and will be hosted by media personality Speedy Mormon.

“I’m very excited for the Smirnoff SMASH Pickle Bowl And let me tell you, it’s very unexpected. I’ll say this, I’m taking pickleball lessons. I’m not athletic. I talk about sports but here I am with my little racket and tennis skirt heading over to the Santa Monica Pickleball Center every other day because I’m competing with a good friend of mine, Vernon Davis,” Adams told The Blast exclusively.

“We’re an unexpected Smash duo, because I’m 5-feet tall. He’s a Super bowl champion a couple times over who’s like hovering above me at like 7-feet or something like that, and we’re expected to take on some really stiff competition.”

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When talking about the competition, Adams said she’s got her eye on one specific competitor.

“Lance Bass, let me tell you, I’ve been sizing up this match up,” she revealed. “It’s a bunch of unexpected smash duos, he’s the one I’m looking at as like the tricky one. He’s so sweet and kind and loveable, but I bet he’s a monster on the pickleball court.”

Kay Adams – Smirnoff

One thing Adams is thinking going into this competition is that she’s the “weakest link.” But it doesn’t matter who wins, she said, because it’s going to be a “smash hit” regardless of how it ends. And while they’re all fighting to be the champion, they are promoting a new Smirnoff drink that can also be described as an “unexpected duo.”

“This is the first ever Smirnoff Smash Pickle Bowl and it’s in honor of Smirnoff’s Smash Vodka Soda. We’re launching a new product. There are four unexpected flavor duos, they’re ready to drink, they’re canned, they’re amazing. It’s going to be a very flavorful competition and Smirnoff’s always up to unexpected amazing stuff,” she told The Blast. 

“Everyone’s saying, oh you have a Super Bowl champion with you going up against a reality star, her husband, a rapper, a musician, but Vernon Davis, nobody’s gonna serve to him. I’m gonna get exploited. I am the weakest link, goodbye, is what’s going to happen, but either way, it’s going to be a lot of fun. We are representing raspberry peach as a flavor combination. That’s my favorite combo of these four new unexpected smash duo flavors. I just think it’ll be a smash hit no matter who wins.”

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The new drinks come in four flavors – watermelon lime, strawberry dragon fruit, pineapple orange and Adams’ favorite one – raspberry peach.

Kay Adams Is Excited For The Super Bowl In Vegas And Ready For A Short Break After!

Kay Adams

Adams is psyched to be heading to Vegas for the game and all the fun surrounding it. The NFL sportscaster was recently in Vegas for F1 and said it was a good time.

“Vegas did such an incredible job of welcoming a new sport, a new vibe to town,” she said. “It’s just, with Usher at halftime, and so many stars, the glitz and the glam, I think we’re in for an epic Super Bowl LVIII.”

After the Big Game, you might think that Adams gets to enjoy a long break before the next NFL season begins, but that’s not exactly how it goes, and she doesn’t mind at all.

“I’ll take some time off but then it’ll be time for the draft in Detroit, and then it’ll be the Kentucky Derby that I’m going to go to for the 100th running of it so never a dull moment,” she said. “It doesn’t really end at the Super Bowl, cause the NFL keeps us busy all year long. There’s nothing better to me than the NFL.”

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