One of Kailyn Lowry’s Exes Has Harsh Words For Her

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Teen Mom alum Kailyn Lowry recently gave birth to twins, making it her sixth son and first daughter. She has children from previous relationships as well. Lowry’s ex, Chris Lopez, has criticized her on social media, expressing anger about not being able to see their sons Creed and Lux and accusing her of having too many children. Despite Lowry stating that she felt her family was complete with the birth of her daughter, Lopez’s latest comments suggest that their social media feud may continue. Lowry has not responded to him yet.

Kailyn Lowry, of Teen Mom fame, recently announced the birth of her twins. Prior to her relationship with Elijah Scott, who she shares son Rio with, Lowry was in a relationship with Chris Lopez. The two share two sons, Creed and Lux, but Lowry also had sons Isaac and Lincoln with two other men. Lopez, however, has gone on to disparage Lowry on social media after their split and has not taken kindly to Lowry having more children, especially now that she has had twins with Scott.

Angry about not letting him see their sons Creed and Lux and for having too many other children, Lopez took to social media and posted in an Instagram story saying “My first baby mama, Kail Lowry, ain’t nobody more miserable than that chick! How you got mother f**king seven kids?! You just got three f**king kids under the age of one! And yet you want to keep holding my motherf**king kids, and yet you want to keep passing them off to nannies and s**t like that,” Chris said, per The Ashley Roundup.

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Lopez went on to talk about how she keeps their sons from him but how she keeps having other children. “You miserable as hell, Bro, and you just wanna make everybody else f**king miserable,” Chris said. “‘Cause I be on your ass, the f**k is you talkin’ about? You lame as s**t. [Your] kids are on Thanksgiving break and you don’t even let them kids be with their dad? But it’s technically Dad’s week? You need to grow the f**k up, seriously, and stay the f**k off your back!” Chris added. When fans said he was jealous, he went on saying he wasn’t and called her a liar, using the fact that she kept the birth Rio a secret for a year as his reasoning.

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Kailyn Lowry Recently Announced the Birth of Twins

Lopez is commenting on the birth of the twins that Lowry announced on her Barely Famous podcast where she also made it clear that she was seemingly done having kids after this, saying that she felt her family was complete now that she had her daughter after birthing six boys. Whether that means her social media back and forth with Lopez will stop though remains to be seen as Lopez’s most recent bit of anger does seem geared towards her willingness to have more kids without him. Lowry and Lopez are no longer together but they do go back and forth a lot and this is just the latest in their fighting and at this point, Lowry hasn’t responded to Lopez’s latest rant. Lowry confirmed just months prior that she’d secretly given birth to her fifth child in a podcast episode.

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