One of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Security Guards Leaves USA, Joins Israel Defense Forces to Fight Hamas | Taylor Swift | Just Jared: Celebrity News and Gossip

One of Taylor Swift‘s former bodyguards, who reporetedly worked with her during her Eras tour, has left the United States to join the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) amid the attacks by Hamas.

Variety has confirmed that the guard in question has left to join the forces, but he does not want his name being published.

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He said in a statement (via Variety), “I got a pretty great life back in the U.S.. I got an amazing dream job that I love, great friends that I call family and a very comfortable home. I didn’t HAVE to come here… But I could not stand on the sidelines while families are being slaughtered and burned alive in their homes!!! Just for being Jewish or for being Israelis.”

He added, “While one side is protecting babies, kids and the elderly, the other side is using those as human shields!!! It’ll be an insult to animals worldwide to call them ‘animals’ but those are not human beings. They killed and slaughtered families in their beds alongside family’s [sic] pets!!!! And then they burned the houses down!!!! Try to imagine that happening in your own neighborhood, to your next door neighbors or to a family you know.”

He added, “I’m not only standing here with Israel and actually standing here. I’m standing here with humanity. Don’t be on the wrong side of history!! Don’t stand on the sidelines and say nothing… Stand with Israel, stand with HUMANITY!!!!!”

The news was first reported by Eran Swisa in Israel Today.

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Taylor‘s security guard did not want to release his name but you might remember this video of him with Taylor going viral over the summer.

You can see what stars are saying about Israel and Palestine right here.

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