Paris Fury challenges traditional perceptions of traveller women’s education

Paris Fury challenges traditional perceptions of traveller women’s education

Paris Fury has challenged the prevailing stereotypes associated with the traveller community, In her candid interview with The Sun.

The spouse of the undefeated heavyweight champion, Tyson Fury, shared insights into the unconventional life skills passed down through generations to women in her community.

At the age of 33, Paris emphasized that the education of female travellers extends far beyond rudimentary domestic chores. Contrary to the perception that they primarily acquire cooking and cleaning skills before ending their education after primary school, Paris highlighted the extensive range of abilities she was taught by her mother, Lynda Mulroy.

Paris elaborated on her upbringing, “I’ve come from a strong line of women, and we didn’t just learn how to cook and clean.”

Revealing that her mother imparted knowledge on various practical aspects of life, she stated, “My mum taught me how to drive, she taught me how to use the bank, do businesses, get into college.”

She emphasized, “I wasn’t just taught how to shine silver or polish dishes, I was taught how to run a home, a business and be a strong, independent woman.”

In a related development, Tyson Fury admitted to making efforts to persuade Netflix to withdraw from filming their family documentary, At Home With The Furys, halfway through production. 

The 35-year-old undefeated heavyweight champion disclosed that he attempted to financially extricate himself from the series, which followed the retired boxer and his childhood sweetheart wife, Paris, along with their six children. Their family welcomed their seventh child, a baby boy, earlier this month.

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