Prince Harry is now pandering to the whims of rich Americans

Prince Harry has just been called out for ‘pandering to the whims of rich Americans’ after paying a high price

Prince Harry is now pandering to the whims of rich Americans

-Prince Harry has just come under fire for “pandering to the whims of rich Americans” after paying a very high price in the country.

All of this has been issued by royal author and writer Caroline Graham.

She touched on the topic during one of her most recent pieces for The Daily Mail.

In it, she referenced Prince Harry’s speech for the ‘Living Legend of Aviation’ award and made some startling claims.

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She began by saying, “Accepting his award, Harry spoke of his pride in his military career – and as he did, I found it impossible to avoid thinking that, perhaps, it might finally be dawning on Harry that trashing his family for Netflix’s millions and leaving behind a life of service in the UK for a ‘career’ pandering to the whims of rich Americans might have been too high a price to pay.”

“When he spoke about his ‘old’ life, it felt meaningful and honest in a way that so many of his Hollywood psycho-babble interviews and his kamikaze memoir Spare have not,” she also added.

For those unversed in Prince Harry’s original comment, he said, “For me, flying has been a transcendent experience.”

“A close encounter with magic, an invitation to both protect freedom… and to feel free; and, funny enough, an opportunity to ground oneself, without actually being grounded.”

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