Prince Harry is suffering the ‘trauma’ his family is carrying for years: Expert

Prince Harry is suffering the ‘trauma’ his family is carrying for years: Expert

Prince Harry has been traumatised by his past, claims Dr Gabor Mate.

Speaking to Piers Morgan in a recent interview, the expert reveals what the Duke of Sussex is going through as a result of parental neglect.

Sharing on show ‘Uncensored,’ Dr Mate: “Families are tough, families hurt one another. Children are traumatised in families. Harry was traumatised in his family, not because his family didn’t love him, but because they were carrying their own trauma and passing it onto the next generation,” he explained.

“I passed on my trauma to my children, I didn’t mean to but I did. Sometimes people can work these things out if there is willingness on both sides and people do make mistakes, I do believe Harry made some mistakes, that goes both ways. People can work it out and sometimes they can’t and sometimes people find freedom in having to disconnect.”

He then added: “A lot of people are in that situation. And Harry in that family, with a very troubled young mother, and a loveless marriage and a father who was having an affair before he was born.

“A family was where there was not a lot of touching and holding – there is multiple reasons to say he was very traumatised child and in order to become himself, he had to distance himself. Now, did he do it right, exactly the ideal way? Maybe not. But you know what, when I look at myself at age 38 or 35, boy, did I make a lot of mistakes. This is all part of the human drama and families sometimes work it out and sometimes they don’t,” concluded Dr Mate.

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