Rep. George Santos in Shouting Match with Pro-Palestine Protester in Capitol

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NBC News / Fox News

Rep. George Santos went toe-to-toe with a civilian Friday on Capitol Hill over the war between Israel and Hamas — and it got heated enough, Capitol Police had to separate the men.

The Congressman from NY charged through a hallway in the Capitol and started shouting at a man he accused of getting in his face over Israel’s policies regarding Gaza and the treatment of Palestinians there. Santos went from zero to 100, quickly pointing out the man to cops.

When the man, reportedly a Jewish D.C. resident, asked Santos what he was doing about Israel’s oppression of Palestinians … Santos yelled back at him, “What about the terrorists you tried to defend in this building? It’s abhorrent that you are in this building stepping up for terrorists!!!”

The man kept his hands at his side as Rep. Santos waved and pointed a finger in his face until cops stepped in between them … but even as he stormed off, the legislator continued yelling.

At the other end of the hallway, he continued shouting — now at reporters — “What is happening to the people of Israel should not be defended!!! No one defending Hamas has any business in this building whether you’re elected, whether you’re a civilian.”

Santos is all too familiar with cameras and reporters swarming around him on Capitol Hill — but typically he’s defending himself over his record of lying, but this time he was boldly and loudly on the attack.

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