Rivian’s new over-the-air software update tweaks drive mode UI and towing

Rivian is redesigning a bunch of key features for its electric trucks and SUVs to improve the user experience and make towing easier. The company is updating its Drive Mode app, introducing a real-time metrics screen that includes information like live motor temperatures and enhancing the towing experience to include a bed camera for the R1T. This software update, version 2023.38.0, is available now for both the R1T pickup truck and the R1S SUV.

In a promotional video, Rivian’s SVP of software development, Wassym Bensaid, acknowledges customer feedback that the drive controls were difficult to reach. Now, controls like ride height, regen modes, and more are on the far left and easier to reach. For on-road, off-road, and trailer modes, you can perform a swiping gesture on the picture of the Rivian to select drive modes, including All-Purpose, Conserve, Sport, and Snow.

On the far side of the screen, drivers now get a Gauge View that shows live information on the vehicle as they drive. In addition to motors, you also get a battery temperature reading, tire pressure, trip A / B, and elevation. When in off-road mode, you can see pitch and roll gauges to help you navigate tough terrains.

Rivian vehicles are getting a bunch of enhancements to help make towing a trailer or boat a bit easier. In the new Trailers tab, you can save three different trailer profiles based on what you’re towing, and it can track the estimated weight and trip data as well as give more accurate predictions on how battery range is affected. And for R1T drivers, the rear truck bed camera is now accessible in the camera app to better keep an eye on your trailer.

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Rivian’s latest software improvements showcase the benefits of over-the-air updates that come directly from automakers, a benefit that Tesla owners have reaped for a long time. In this update, Rivian is also fixing some bugs, like a climate control screen that could go blank, a media app bug that could crash when going to search, reduced active grille shutter noise when waking from sleep, increased resolution on the charging graph display on the Rivian app, improved sound from overhead speakers, and access to the door handles from the outside when in car wash mode.

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