Robert Pattinson Addresses ‘Deep Fear of Humiliation’ That Impacts His Decisions When Choosing Roles | Robert Pattinson | Just Jared: Celebrity News and Gossip

Robert Pattinson opened up about some of the thoughts that run through his head as he is considering possible roles.

The 37-year-old Batman and Twilight actor has landed some very iconic parts over the course of his career. However, while conducting a recent interview with actor Jordan Firstman, Robert hinted that a “deep, deep fear of humiliation” stopped him from accepting parts he didn’t believe in.

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While speaking to Jordan for Interview, Robert was asked if he had ever accepted a project that he was “not so not into at all.”

“Not really,” he replied. “I have a deep, deep fear of humiliation. And also, you sort of know it’s down to you. You can say it’s a s-itty script or the director’s a d-ck or blah, blah, blah, but at the end of the day, no one’s going to care about the reasons.”

He continued, saying, “You’re the one who everyone’s going to say is lame. And the vast majority of people will say you’re lame even when you tried your best.”

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