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The Selling Sunset season 7 reunion did not disappoint, and there’s one moment that’s going viral.

But first, some backstory. In an early season 7 episode, Bre Tiesi told some of her castmates about Michael B. Jordan, “I could do that, and I’ve done that.”

She continued, jokingly saying, “I’ve slept with all of my favorites. I’m kidding.”

During the reunion, the moment was addressed in a major way.

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Cast members were hooked up to lie detectors and asked questions, and Bre did not get off easy. She was actually asked, “Is Michael B. Jordan good in bed?”

Bre, who had to tell the truth due to the lie detector, shared, “I’m going to be in so much trouble. No,” she said while shaking her head.

Everyone gasped, and then the lie detector administrator said, “That’s true.”

“I’m sorry babe. Sh-t. I crushed a lot of girls’ dreams today,” Bre said.

Find out the famous faces Bre has been linked to in the past (and she was once married to an NFL player!)

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