Shop for Your Geeky Sweetie With io9’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Image: RSVLTS, BoxLunch, WB Shop, Hot Topic, Alamo Drafthouse, Heroes & Villains, JBL

Valentine’s Day is on the horizon! So whether you’re partnered up or celebrating with friends, here are some fun fandom picks for gift-giving and beyond. Celebrate with ideas inspired by Lore Olympus, Shrek, Star Wars, Studio Ghibli, and more pop culture that evokes the bonds of both romantic and platonic relationships.

Check out this Valentine’s Day slideshow for io9’s selection of options to celebrate. BoxLunch, ShopDisney, Hot Topic, and more have you covered whether you’re making waffles in the morning or booking a trip to Disneyland for Sweethearts’ Nite—or both.

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