Stephen Amell Honors Late ‘Arrow’ Co-Star With GoFundMe 

“Arrow” star Stephen Amell is helping the family of Dave McLean, who passed away a few months ago after he went missing in October, by creating a GoFundMe.

McLean was involved in the hit CW show alongside Amell, and the two grew close over the years. After McLean passed away in October, Amell decided to help McLean’s family financially by creating a GoFundMe.

When speaking to The Blast exclusively, the “Arrow” star says that “The GoFundMe initiative stemmed from [my] desire to swiftly gather substantial financial aid for the family. [I] previously orchestrated a similar effort following the Pulse Nightclub tragedy.”

His “dedication to causes or individuals that hold significance to [me] knows no bounds” as he values the “Arrow” fan community greatly and wanted to engage them in honoring Dave’s memory with this campaign.

Stephen Amell Creates GoFundMe Amid Passing Of ‘Arrow’ Co-Star


David Andrew McLean was last seen in North Vancouver on October 9th and a missing person report was filed on October 13th. It was then reported that McLean had passed away.

Stephen Amell has maintained regular communication with Linnea, Dave McLean’s wife, and has also been in correspondence with his mother throughout this difficult time. Amell created a GoFundMe to help the McLean Family financially, and he, himself, has contributed to the campaign. He has also shared the cause with his close circle of friends.

“On [Arrow], we cultivated an environment that felt like a family, and it hurts to lose one of them especially for circumstances that could have been avoidable,” Amell told The Blast. “Please help do something good for a man that literally kept the lights on.”

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He intends to continue supporting the McLean Family through contributions made during fan conventions and is dedicated to aiding in raising funds to ensure the family’s sustained care for years ahead.

“The GoFundMe has been created to open it up to the world. There is no donation too small – it is all about the intention to help,” Amell told The Blast. “Help Dave’s wife and family.”

Stephen Amell Addresses “Arrow” Loss


“On October 9, we lost an ‘Arrow’ crew member, Dave McLean,” Amell said in a video posted to his social media. “Dave was a day-oner on ‘Arrow’. That’s not true, I don’t know that he was on the pilot, but he was with us in Season 1. Dave was the genny [operator] on ‘Arrow.’ What’s a genny op? You don’t know? Don’t feel bad. I didn’t know for a while.”

He went on to explain, “The genny op, Dave and his team were responsible for making sure that when we were on location or at the studio, that we had power, that things didn’t burn to the ground. You know, the basics. I don’t know that there was anyone on the show that worked longer hours than Dave. He was a lovely guy. He was funny, he had a fashion sense that seemed to be uniquely his – a lot of plaid.”

Dave McLean went missing after his 50th Birthday. The GoFundMe can be found here.

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