Watch Jon Stewart moving out from his home beneath Stephen Colbert's desk

Shortly after he retired from hosting the Daily Show, Jon Stewart took up residence beneath his friend and former colleague Stephen Colbert’s desk on The Late Show — but now it’s time he moved out. With the recent announcement that he’ll be returning to host his old gig on Monday nights, Stewart popped up from … Read more

Are bodies really buried beneath Neyland Stadium in Knoxville?

New details regarding the real-life story of “The Blind Side” was not on my 2023 Bingo card, but the conservatorship of former NFL player Michael Oher inspired a uniquely Knoxville question: “Are there really bodies buried under Neyland Stadium?” Perhaps you remember tutor Miss Sue (played by Kathy Bates) suggesting as much in her attempt … Read more

An 11-year-old was given an allotment of ‘undesirable’ land. Beneath the surface was millions of dollars worth of oil.

In the early 20th century, Sarah Rector was given 160 acres of land as part of a government treaty. 11-year-old Rector became incredibly wealthy when oil was discovered under her land. Rector’s newfound wealth made her the target of marriage proposals and suspected schemes. When Sarah Rector was given 160 acres of land, she and … Read more

Watch as students lift a car off a mother and child pinned beneath it

Quick thinking by a group of schoolchildren helped save the lives of a mother and her two children, lifting a car after they were run over in the parking lot of a Utah school. According to several media outlets, the incident happened just before 4 p.m. Tuesday. That’s when a car hit Bridgette Ponson and … Read more