Oppo Find X7 Ultra Review: Magnificent Camera

Before I tell you how phenomenal the Oppo Find X7 Ultra camera is, I must point out that this phone is not officially available outside of China. That’s a real shame, because the Find X7 Ultra is a stunning flagship phone with an eye-catching design, a gorgeous display, and top-notch specs. However, the standout feature … Read more

One Hell of a Snappy Digital Camera for the TikTok Generation

Sometimes, or–hell–most of the time, you need something simple to remind you of life’s simple pleasures. The newly-announced X100VI camera from Fujifilm can capture some of those golden moments with some impressive depth of color. Still, the $1,600 digital camera and the return of the still-popular X100 lineup itself feels like a small treasure, one … Read more

Wyze security camera breach actually impacted 13,000 users, not 14

Remember that Wyze security camera breach a few days ago which showed 14 users images from inside other peoples’ homes? It turns out that the number of people affected was more like 13,000. Wyze updated users on the Feb. 16 security breach via email, admitting that around 930 times more people were impacted by the … Read more

Wyze says camera breach let 13,000 customers briefly see into other people’s homes

Wyze Friends, On Friday morning, we had a service outage that led to a security incident. Your account and over 99.75% of all Wyze accounts were not affected by the security event, but we wanted to make you aware of the incident and let you know what we are doing to make sure it doesn’t … Read more

Nikon Zf Review: A Mirrorless Camera With Classic Style

While I did not expect it given the obvious nods to Nikon’s film past, the Zf is a surprisingly capable video camera. It shoots up to 4K/60 using an APS-C size crop of the sensor. If you want to use the whole sensor, you can get 4K/30. That’s not going to wow video professionals, but … Read more

Wyze security camera owners once again report seeing strangers’ feeds

Nope, it’s not privacy worry-induced déjà vu. Wyze camera users have once again reported seeing into another user’s home via their home-monitoring devices, in a second display of what could be a potentially serious security flaw. “We have now identified a security issue where some users were able to see thumbnails of cameras that were … Read more

Galaxy S24 Software Update Should Tackle Display and Camera Concerns

The Galaxy S24 lineup is getting a software update that will bring more display setting options and upgrades to various camera functions, Samsung announced Wednesday. The update comes after various complaints about the Galaxy S24’s display and camera have surfaced online. This story is part of Samsung Event, CNET’s collection of news, tips and advice … Read more

Prince Harry Goes Skeleton Sledding in Canada as Meghan Markle Excitedly Captures the Moment on Camera

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are enjoying their time in Canada. On Thursday, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex stepped out to attend day two of the Invictus Games One Year to Go event in Whistler. At the event, Harry tried his hand at skeleton sledding, much to his wife’s delight. In fact, Meghan was photographed excitedly snapping … Read more

Nanit Pro Camera Review (2024): A Super Smart, Expensive Baby Monitor

I tested both a sleep sack and a breathing band with my 18-month-old toddler. I found he was too tall for the sleep sack designed for 12- to 24-month-old babies, but the breathing band worked great sitting on top of his pajamas and sleep sack. The only downside was, being a toddler, he noticed I … Read more