CrowdStrike Super Bowl Commercial 2024: Adversaries Return, But Cyber Security Fights Back | 2024 Super Bowl Commercials, Super Bowl Commercials | Just Jared: Celebrity News and Gossip

Crowdstrike shared the future of cybersecurity during it’s 2024 Super Bowl commercial! The company’s ad featured a western theme with robots being adversaries who return to town. As the sheriff looks beaten down that they returned, sighing, “Not again,” a woman dressed in a white shirt with a red bandana comes up and says, “Sheriff, … Read more

Kawasaki Super Bowl Commercial 2024: Stone Cold Steve Austin Gets a Mullet! | 2024 Super Bowl Commercials, Steve Austin, Super Bowl Commercials | Just Jared: Celebrity News and Gossip

Kawasaki has debuted their first ever Super Bowl commercial! Stone Cold Steve Austin stars in the new ad to show off the Ridge side by side off-road vehicle that aired during the 2024 Super Bowl on Sunday (February 11). As soon as Steve puts the key in the ignition of the vehicle, he grows a … Read more

Temu returns to Super Bowl 58 with new commercial

Jakub Porzycki | Nurphoto | Getty Images Temu, the controversial Chinese e-commerce giant looking to take on Amazon, is returning to the big game on Sunday with a Super Bowl ad that lawmakers are calling on Paramount Global and CBS not to run. The company, owned by PDD Holdings, skyrocketed to prominence last year after … Read more

Google releases sneak peek of its Super Bowl commercial

One of the more preposterous things about the Super Bowl is how we get commercials for upcoming commercials. Google is participating in that trend this year. The folks behind the internet’s primary search engine released a behind-the-scenes look of its upcoming Super Bowl ad. The two-and-a-half-minute video focuses on the “Guided Frame” feature that dropped … Read more

Tom Hardy Films New Jo Malone Cologne Commercial in London | Tom Hardy | Just Jared: Celebrity News and Gossip

Tom Hardy is making a rare appearance in London to film a new commercial! The 46-year-old Venom and Peaky Blinders actor hit the streets to film a new commercial as the face of Jo Malone Cologne on Tuesday night (January 30) in London, England. PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Tom Hardy Tom was … Read more

Stanford economist says the US is ‘stuck’ with remote work as more offices sit empty — is the bell tolling for US commercial real estate?

‘Return to the office is dead’: Stanford economist says the US is ‘stuck’ with remote work as more offices sit empty — is the bell tolling for US commercial real estate? The great post-pandemic return to office (RTO) is a polarizing issue in the U.S. labor market. While many companies want their workers to return … Read more

Rivian will make commercial EVs for AT&T in new pilot that ends Amazon exclusivity

Rivian finally has a second customer for its commercial electric vehicles. Today, AT&T announced it’s spinning up a pilot program to switch its commercial fleets to EVs, including Rivian’s commercial van and R1 platform trucks. AT&T’s first Rivian EVs are expected to join the fleet in early 2024. However, there are no details on how … Read more

Commercial companies to collaborate for DARPA’s new lunar economy study

Establishing commercial markets on the moon is going to require thinking a little differently. That’s DARPA’s hunch, anyway. DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) is the U.S. Department of Defense’s R&D arm, which has just selected 14 companies to participate in a new study to develop technological frameworks for a lunar future. “The next decade … Read more

Pentagon: US warship, multiple commercial ships have come under attack in the Red Sea

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Three commercial ships in the Red Sea were struck by ballistic missiles fired from Houthi-controlled Yemen on Sunday and a U.S. warship shot down three drones in self-defense during the hourslong assault, the U.S. military said. Responsibility for the attack was claimed by the Houthi rebels, who are backed by … Read more

US threatens ‘appropriate responses’ after Iran-backed assault on commercial ships

The U.S. warned it was considering “all appropriate responses” after Houthi rebels attacked three commercial vessels in the Red Sea on Sunday, ramping up its rhetoric as Iran-backed militants continue to harass American and international interests in the region. Following the attacks, a U.S. warship operating nearby responded to the distress calls from the commercial … Read more