NASA spacecraft spots dramatic view of new impact crater on Mars

There’s a fresh crater on Mars, a reminder of our still-dynamic solar system. NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, a spacecraft orbiting Mars since 2006, uses an extremely powerful camera to observe the Martian surface. The team running the aptly named High Resolution Imaging Experiment, or HIRISE camera, recently released a detailed image of this impact crater. … Read more

NASA Spots Eerie ‘Spider’ Shapes in Mars Crater View

David Bowie was on to something with his Spiders from Mars. While there are no crawling arachnids in residence on the red planet, there are spectacular landscape features known as “spiders.” NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter peered down from above and captured a captivating view of what’s known as araneiform terrain. Araneiform means “spider-like.” This story … Read more