That Time Donald Glover and Rihanna Dropped a Musical on Prime Video

The Big Picture Donald Glover shines in Guava Island with charisma and natural chemistry with Rihanna. The Prime Video film weaves Glover’s music into storytelling, addressing themes of capitalism and creativity. Despite mixed reception, Guava Island offers a unique film experience highlighting Glover’s talents. Donald Glover is one of the most multifaceted creators in the … Read more

Donald Trump’s New Self-Proclaimed Status Has People Reaching For Dictionaries

Donald Trump raised eyebrows with his latest brazen boast to Fox News personality Laura Ingraham on Tuesday. During a discussion on the multiple criminal and civil cases the former president is facing, the four-times-indicted Republican front-runner declared: “I’ve become an expert at law.” The comment sparked a ripple of laughter from the friendly audience. “If … Read more

Oscars Trivia: 22 Actors Never Nominated Despite So Many Great Performances | Alan Rickman, Awards, Bruce Willis, Cameron Diaz, Carol Burnett, Demi Moore, Donald Sutherland, EG, Ewan McGregor, Extended, Hugh Grant, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, Jim Carrey, John Goodman, Kevin Bacon, Martin Sheen, Meg Ryan, Mia Farrow, Oscar Isaac, Oscars, Richard Gere, Slideshow, Steve Buscemi, Steve Martin, Thandiwe Newton, Wesley Snipes | Just Jared: Celebrity News and Gossip

The list of nominations for the 2024 Oscars was released last month and there are lots of first-time nominees, including Cillian Murphy and Emily Blunt. Many of your all-time favorite actors have never received Oscar nominations, despite so many worthy roles that should have garnered them nominations. We’ve compiled a list of 22 actors and … Read more

GoFundMe Addresses Calls To Halt Donald Trump Fundraiser Launched To Pay $355M Fine

GoFundMe has an answer for those who have asked if Donald Trump’s fundraiser on their site goes against their policy. The page has so far raised over $500k since being launched to help the billionaire mogul pay off the $355 million fine from his New York fraud trial. GoFundMe Says The ‘Fundraiser Is Currently Within Our … Read more

Donald Trump has not commented on death of Alexei Navalny

Former president Donald Trump, who earlier this month set off worries among allies after he said would encourage Russia to invade a NATO country that wasn’t spending enough on defense, has remained silent on the death of Alexei Navalny, Vladimir Putin’s most potent political opponent. The front-runner of the GOP presidential primary has made multiple … Read more

Donald Trump Launches Website Selling $400 Sneakers but Claims It’s ‘Not Political’

Donald Trump made an appearance at Sneaker Con in Philadelphia on Saturday to announce a new website that sells Trump-branded sneakers for as much as $400. But if you take a close look at the fine print, this isn’t part of Trump’s effort to become president again. It’s purely a way for Trump to make … Read more

Zelenskyy ready to take Donald Trump to Ukraine’s front line

President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, speaks during the 2024 Munich Security Conference on February 17, 2024 in Munich, Germany. Johannes Simon | Getty Images News | Getty Images MUNICH, Germany — Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said he was willing to take U.S. presidential hopeful Donald Trump, a long-time skeptic of Washington’s support for Kyiv, to … Read more

Donald Trump responds to Vladimir Putin’s comments about Joe Biden days after attacking NATO

Former President Donald Trump, often accused of cozying up to Russian President Vladimir Putin, said he took it as a ‘compliment’ after the foreign leader claimed his country would prefer President Joe Biden win America’s 2024 presidential election. “Now that’s a compliment,” Trump told supporters during a campaign rally in North Charleston, South Carolina, ten … Read more

Maj. Michael Haley Hits Back At Donald Trump Slur With Scathing Fact About Animals

Maj. Michael Haley, the husband of GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley, hit back at former President Donald Trump’s questioning of his whereabouts with a meme on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter. Haley has since June 2023 been deployed to Africa with the South Carolina Army National Guard. But Trump didn’t let the truth … Read more

Donald Trump Says He Made Taylor Swift Lots of Money, Likes Travis Kelce

Donald Trump says he’d be shocked if Taylor Swift endorsed President Joe Biden again … ’cause Donald says he made her a ton of money — and implied he expects some loyalty. The former prez took to Truth Social early Sunday morning and addressed the world’s biggest celebrity couple — as well as rumblings that … Read more