‘Euphoria’ Star Jacob Elordi Became ‘Quite Aggressive’ During Alleged Assault 

More details surrounding the alleged assault between ‘Euphoria’ star Jacob Elordi and producer Joshua Fox are surfacing. As previously reported, the ‘Euphoria’ star allegedly assaulted a news reporter outside a hotel in Sydney, Australia, and he is currently under a NSW police investigation. ‘The Kyle & Jackie O Sho’ producer, Joshua Fox, reportedly approached the … Read more

Jacob Elordi Allegedly Fought With Radio Producer, Under Police Investigation | Jacob Elordi | Just Jared: Celebrity News and Gossip

Jacob Elordi allegedly had a run-in with the law! The 26-year-old Australian actor allegedly assaulted a radio producer on Saturday (February 3) in Sydney, Australia and is currently under police investigation. As reported by Australia’s Daily Telegraph, Jacob was at the Clovelly Hotel when he was approached by Joshua Fox, a producer for The Kyle … Read more

‘Euphoria’ Star Jacob Elordi Under Criminal Investigation For Alleged Assault

‘Euphoria’ star Jacob Elordi is under a NSW police investigation after allegedly assaulting a news reporter. The 26-year-old flew to his home country ahead of the AACTA Awards on the Gold Coast on February 10 but reportedly got into it with a reporter outside a hotel in Sydney, Australia. Jacob Elordi Allegedly Involved In Heated … Read more

Jacob Elordi Jokes on ‘SNL’ about ‘Saltburn’ Sex Scene on Grave

Jacob Elordi took over the reins at ‘SNL’ Saturday night, and his monologue predictably began with THAT “Saltburn” sex scene. SPOILER — Jacob’s character, Felix, dies and Barry Keoghan’s character has sex on his grave. Jacob got straight to the point … “If you saw the movie, thank you. If you saw the movie with … Read more

Jacob Elordi Gets Sweetly Sentimental In Heartfelt ‘Saturday Night Live’ Monologue

Jacob Elordi made his Saturday Night Live debut over the weekend with a charismatic and charming monologue that managed to be funny and overall sentimental. Elordi kicked things off with genuine gratitude, sharing, “Thank you very much! It is so exciting to be here hosting the first and so far best show of 2024.” The … Read more

Jacob Elordi breaks silence on fear behind ‘Euphoria’ filming

Jacob Elordi breaks silence on fear behind ‘Euphoria’ filming Jacob Elordi recently opened up about having doubts towards the third season of Euphoria. The Australian actor disclosed that, although the new season of the HBO series has not yet begun filming, he is beginning to worry that he may be growing too old to play … Read more

Saltburn’s Jacob Elordi Smells His Own Bathwater Candle & Recreates The Most Disturbing Part

Summary Warning: This article contains spoilers about the movie Saltburn. Saltburn actor Jacob Elordi smells his own bathwater candle during an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Elordi also recreated part of Saltburn’s notorious bathtub scene. Saltburn fans can now buy Jacob Elordi bathtub candles via popular online retailers such as Etsy and … Read more

Jacob Elordi names Oscar winning fan of ‘Euphoria’

Jacob Elordi has named the most famous fan of ‘Euphoria’ along with revealing when the show resumes filming Jacob Elordi recently revealed that Titanic star Leonardo DiCaprio is a Euphoria fan! Jacob appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Friday after receiving two Bafta nominations for his new film Saltburn. Discussing Euphoria in … Read more

Jacob Elordi Dating History – Full List of Famous Ex-Girlfriends Revealed | Dating History, EG, Extended, Jacob Elordi, Slideshow | Just Jared: Celebrity News and Gossip

We’re taking a look back Jacob Elordi‘s dating history amid all of the rumors and reports about his current relationship status. The 26-year-old actor skyrocketed to fame when he appeared in the Netflix’s The Kissing Booth, which debuted in 2018. PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Jacob Elordi Since then, Jacob has become everyone’s … Read more

Jacob Elordi Questions Who’s Making Money for Bathwater Candles, Shares Opinion on the Smell | Jacob Elordi, Jimmy Fallon, Saltburn | Just Jared: Celebrity News and Gossip

Jacob Elordi is sharing his thoughts on the “Jacob Elordi’s Bathwater” candle that has gone viral on the internet. The 26-year-old actor, who is hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend, opened up during an interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Thursday (January 18) in New York City. In Saltburn, Barry Keoghan‘s character … Read more