A New Trick Uses AI to Jailbreak AI Models—Including GPT-4

Large language models recently emerged as a powerful and transformative new kind of technology. Their potential became headline news as ordinary people were dazzled by the capabilities of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, released just a year ago. In the months that followed the release of ChatGPT, discovering new jailbreaking methods became a popular pastime for mischievous users, … Read more

Researchers jailbreak a Tesla, the FCC fines robocallers and WeWork finds itself in bother (once more)

Welcome, pals, to TechCrunch’s Week in Evaluation (WiR), the publication the place we recap the week that was in tech. For these new to WiR, consider it as a digest of tales and items that topped the charts over the previous 5 days or so. On this week’s version of WiR, we cowl researchers determining … Read more