Microsoft and Intel strike a custom chip manufacturing deal

Intel will be producing custom chips, designed by Microsoft for Microsoft, as part of a deal that Intel says is worth more than $15 billion. Intel announced the partnership during its Intel Foundry event today. Although neither company specified what the chips would be used for, Bloomberg noted today that Microsoft has been planning in-house … Read more

Intel’s AI Reboot Is the Future of US Chipmaking

Gina Raimondo, the US secretary of commerce, spoke at Intel’s event today and compared the US government’s current focus on revitalizing its chip industry to the space race of the 1960s. “The fact that we are so overly dependent on a couple of countries in Asia that we need for life-saving medical equipment, cars, every … Read more

Buy Microsoft Office for Mac or Windows for just $30: Last chance

You can streamline your workflow with Microsoft Office 2019, now just $30.  StackSocial Operating efficiently and productively in any office can be made easier with a reliable and compatible set of programs that support word processing, spreadsheet creation, presentation generation, and email, among other things. Microsoft Office has been covering these bases for years, and … Read more

How To Use Microsoft Office on the Web for Free

As someone with a tech-related job, I’m regularly bombarded with questions about the best smartphones, why emails might have suddenly stopped showing up, and how to back up photos and videos. There’s another common question I hear a lot as well: How do I use Microsoft Office for free? Netflix Passwords, ChatGPT Can’t Detect AI, … Read more

Everything You Need to Know

Nintendo Switch sequel speculation has hit a fever pitch despite just how little information there is about the long-expected update to Nintendo’s most popular console ever created. However, in recent months, the ocean of disconnected rumors has started to coagulate into something that could be considered more than a rumor. While there’s been a bevy … Read more

Buy Microsoft Visual Studio Pro for $45 right now

Amplify your dev work with this deal on Visual Studio Pro 2022 right now.  StackSocial Having in-house development is a massive advantage for many businesses and a service for hire for successful, thriving companies worldwide. Regardless of your development needs, having a proven software on hand to help streamline workflows, amplify productivity, and keep projects … Read more

Microsoft expands Copilot data protection so more users can chat with ease

Maria Diaz/ZDNET Copilot has proven to be a worthy ChatGPT competitor, boasting the same features as OpenAI’s chatbot with extra perks, including GPT-4, internet access, and footnotes. As a result, working professionals and students can greatly benefit from using the chatbot, and this update makes it possible for them to do it safely.  On Tuesday, … Read more

Big Tech Companies Pledge to Fight Election Deepfakes but Free Speech Issues Remain

Major tech companies announced a new pact at the Munich Security Conference on Friday pledging to fight AI-generated fakes that are intended to deceive the public and influence elections. The press conference, which was livestreamed online, featured leaders from Big Tech firms who’ve been under immense pressure in recent years to address the misinformation that’s … Read more

Get this HP Touch laptop, mouse, and Microsoft 365 bundle for only $400

Get this HP Touch laptop bundle for $400 now.  HP/ZDNET If you’re looking to upgrade your computer setup, we’ve found a deal for you. Right now QVC is offering a 15-inch HP touch laptop, a wireless mouse, and a one year subscription to Microsoft 365 bundled together for just $400.  Also: The best laptops of … Read more

Microsoft is slowly building to a future where ‘every screen is an Xbox’

Taken on their own, today’s gaming announcements from Microsoft might not seem all that earth-shattering. A handful of unspecified Xbox games are coming to rival platforms, the subscriber numbers for Game Pass have grown, Diablo IV will lead the rush of Activision Blizzard titles on Game Pass, and more hardware is on the way, including … Read more