Colombia extends cease-fire with National Liberation Army as rebels promise to stop kidnappings

BOGOTA, Colombia — Colombia’s government and the nation’s largest remaining guerrilla group have extended by six months a ceasefire that began last year, with the National Liberation Army rebels also promising to stop kidnapping civilians for ransom. The truce was set to expire on Tuesday. But in a brief statement issued just minutes before midnight, … Read more

OpenAI Quietly Scrapped a Promise to Disclose Key Documents to the Public

WIRED’s request for the documents promised in OpenAI’s IRS filings fell to the counsel for its nonprofit to decide on. Their denial and new policy of withholding those documents extends an existing trend of dwindling openness at a project founded on transparency. OpenAI once published extensive detail about its AI inventions but has more recently … Read more

Canada could owe First Nations billions for broken treaty promise

Comment on this storyCommentAdd to your saved storiesSave Patricia Tangie’s ancestors thought they had a deal. More than 170 years ago, before Canada confederated in 1867, Indigenous people in what’s now Northern Ontario signed treaties, ceding a vast territory north of Lake Superior and Lake Huron to the Crown in exchange for a promise: that … Read more

Pope says he hopes to keep promise to visit native Argentina for first time since becoming pontiff

Pope Francis said Sunday that if he can, he’ll visit his native Argentina in the latter part of 2024, a trip that would see him there for the first time in his nearly 11-year-old papacy and while his fellow Argentines are suffering economically. Francis hasn’t been back to his homeland since he was elected pope … Read more

Migrant caravan regroups in Mexico after government promise of papers falls through

ARRIAGA, Mexico — A caravan of about 2,000 migrants on Monday resumed their journey through southern Mexico, after participants were left without the papers the Mexican government appeared to have promised. The original caravan of about 6,000 migrants from Venezuela, Cuba and Central America had started walking on Christmas Eve. But after New Year’s Day, … Read more

VW solid-state battery prototype shows real promise

Volkswagen said its battery startup has seen promising results with solid-state cells for electric vehicles, a win for the German carmaker as it pushes to make EVs more efficient and less expensive. A solid-state prototype from VW’s US partner QuantumScape “significantly exceeded” industry targets in recent tests, the carmaker said Wednesday in a statement. During tests … Read more

Despite losses, 2024 holds promise for markets

Traders work on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) during morning trading on January 3, 2024, in New York City.  Angela Weiss | AFP | Getty Images This report is from today’s CNBC Daily Open, our new, international markets newsletter. CNBC Daily Open brings investors up to speed on everything they need … Read more

Prince Harry breaks another promise with King Charles?

King Charles was delighted to speak with Prince Harry for the first time in several months on his 75th birthday Prince Harry breaks another promise with King Charles Prince Harry has apparently broken another promise he made with his father King Charles on his 75th birthday, it is believed. According to claims, Prince Harry and … Read more

Meta and IBM Launch AI Alliance, Promise to Be ‘Open’

Meta and IBM assembled the Avengers of open-sourced artificial intelligence on Tuesday to form the AI Alliance, taking on leaders in the space such as OpenAI, Google, and Anthropic. The group of 50 companies, startups, universities, research institutes, and government bodies aims to foster an open-sourced community and accelerate responsible innovation in AI. “Even AI … Read more

Cholesterol-Lowering Gene Therapy Shows Early Promise

New research seems to show the potential of a CRISPR-based gene therapy meant to neuter certain forms of cardiovascular disease. In the world’s first human trial of the therapy, people given the highest doses experienced significant and long-lasting reductions in their low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C). The treatment could be used to help people genetically predisposed … Read more